About Yana Jenay

For the longest time I introduced myself as Yana Conner Jenay Conner. Hilarious! I had no concept of middle names. I also was self conscious about my first name because on more occasions than I can count, it was either misspelled or mispronounced. There was also this season in middle school were everybody called me Yoshi. Not cool!

However, as “Ooo, I love your name" began to out number "Hey, Yoshi", I came to embrace it. I've also come to embrace myself. 

I am Yana Jenay Conner… 

I am a fun loving friendly introvert who loves snuggles and struggles with FOMO. 

I am mildly addicted to coffee. Quality coffee!

I am a professional friend who often meets and makes best friends in coffee shops. 

I am a learner and thinker who seeks truth. 

I am a music enthusiast who loves a crafty lyrics laid over a dope beat.

I am a taco connoisseur. Taco es vida!

I am deeply and undeservingly loved by God, who saw fit to make me His own. #blessed

About The Blog


One of my homies recently nicknamed me HoweverComma. I guess she settled on this because Soapbox Queen, though true, would be rude.

I am known for habitually using my analytical strengths to think deeply about the things people say and do. This is probably why I get a wee bit annoyed when, as humans, we fail to use our God-given minds to think. Think well..

Growing up in church, I heard a lot about “being in the world but not of it”. This caused me to draw lines where they didn’t need to be and significantly inhibited my ability to think.

However, over the years, I have learned that the lines are not as straight as Mother so-in-so drew them and that to follow Jesus means to, like Him, live an incarnate life where I thoughtfully engage with the people and the world around me.

Always questioning. Always thinking. Always exercising the use of a however and a comma to understand the other side of things and entertain thoughts I wouldn’t readily consider. 

So, think of each post as an exercise in thinking. Though the topics will range from light to deep, the goal is for you and I to grow in our ability to think well. 

I mean think about it…(Warning: Soapbox Coming…)

Do you, like me, sometimes say one thing in one moment then say or do something in another moment that contradicts what you said in that first moment? 

Do you, like me, often bob your head and milly rock to songs whose messages are more harmful than inspiring?

And, here’s my pet peeve of all my pet peeves…

Do you, like me, sometimes shut yourself off from meaningful dialogue with someone who thinks differently than you or disengage because the topic of conversation is too difficult to bear emotionally?

If so, I not only think you will enjoy this blog, but I also think you might benefit from journeying with me as I seek to make the most of my living and enjoying this world by using my God-given mind to think well.

Posted May 6, 2018