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The Education of Beyonce: LOVEHAPPY



I’m pretty sure I squealed when I found out that Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped a new album. I had no idea how I planned on spending my Friday afternoon, but within moments I had curled up on the couch and pushed play.

Initially, I found the album to be confusing. It was a completely new sound. My ears struggled to take it in and I wasn’t really sure if I liked it. However, as I continued to listen to the album over the next few days, I found myself laughing out loud at Beyoncé’s candid ratchetness, thinking deeply about their views on the importance of Black Wealth, and in awe of how far they have come. The sound also came to grow on me as I realized that sonically it was an expression of The Carters' oneness. Their two sounds had become one.

I’m so proud of them! (Which is weird to say since I don’t know them, but hey, I am!) This album is not only a celebration of their love for one another, but it’s also the celebration of being on the other side of betrayal and many hurt feelings.

Now, I’ve been singing along with Beyoncé since the runs of “Say My Name” and though I’m not one to go around rallying all my ladies to get in formation, I’m a fan. I admire her ability to be both strong and vulnerable about her relationship with Jay-Z in her music. We can find the whole history of their love story in her discography.

They started flirting in “Crazy in Love”

Then his love was on top so she let him “Put a Ring On It.”.

That led to them being “Drunk in Love” and happily married with children.

Then Jay gave Bey some of the sourest of lemons and she made “Lemonade”.

The whole story is there.

In this new album, “EVERYTHING IS LOVE,” Beyoncé continues to keep it 💯and gives us an education on the kind of love that is required to forgive and recommit to someone who has hurt you deeply.

In the last song on their album, LOVEHAPPY, Bey and Jay give us a final recap of their complicated love story and share their commitment to move forward.

Jay-Z speaks of the lengths he has gone to regain Beyoncé’s trust.

They remarried…

He went to Jared’s
I went Ja out in Pari
You screwed up the first stone
So we had to get remarried

They moved...

Y’all know how I met her
We broke up and got back together
To get her back
I had to sweat her
Y’all can make up with a bag
I had to change the weather
Moved the family west
But it’s whatever

They changed their lifestyle…

No more clubs and Cali curfews
Just private affairs and tighter circles

Jay is doing what is necessary to prove his commitment to his family. He is killing the arrogant, approval seeking, and tough guy persona and making grown man moves to keep his family together. And, I’m pretty sure this has a lot to do with Beyoncé’s resolve to love Jay-Z.

In the chorus, Beyoncé keeps coming back to this refrain...

You did some things to me
Boy, you do some things to me
But love is deeper than your pain
And I believe you can change
Baby, the up and downs are worth it
Long way to go, but we’re working
We’re flawed, we’re still perfect for each other

"But love is deeper than your pain" Like, WOW!

This line literally stopped me in my tracks as I was brushing my teeth one morning. Jay-Z has royally screwed up, but instead of tossing him to the curb, Beyonce is able to look beyond his indiscretions on the surface and see his pain. She understands that the root of his poor choices is the pain that lies beneath. This is highly mature! Extremely loving! And yeah, it reminds me of Christ...

I was drunk and at a house party where porn was playing in the background when Jesus first made me aware of my need for Him. I was at that party seeking to escape the pain of loneliness and my parent’s divorce. On the surface was drunkenness and lust, but beneath all of it was pain I was unable to heal. I am so glad that though God saw my sin, He was also able to look beyond my senseless indiscretions and see my pain! He lifted my life out of the pit I had made for myself and made me His own! He was and is so compassionate and loving toward us!

For while we were still helpless, at the right time, Christ died for the ungodly. For rarely will someone die for a just person—though for a good person perhaps someone might even dare to die. But God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. How much more then, since we have now been declared righteous by his blood, will we be saved through him from wrath. For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, then how much more, having been reconciled, will we be saved by his life.  And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received this reconciliation. (Romans 5:6-10)

Beloved, Praise God! Though we royally sin against Him and are deserving of His wrath, He has withheld His wrath from us and poured it out on Christ so that we might be reconciled to Him. Why? Yeah, because He loved us, but even more so because He saw our helpless state. As the seasoned saints would belt out during Tuesday night prayer, “He looked beyond all our faults and saw our need!” Or, as David would say, “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him. For He knows what we are made of, remembering that we are dust! (Psalm 103:13-14)

We have been loved with a love that is full of compassion and that endures ‘til the end! And, though I am “fan-girling” over the love story of Jay and Bey, their art has led me to worship the One who has displayed an even greater work of love through the Lord Jesus Christ. HIS LOVE IS EVERYTHING! And, it makes me more than HAPPY to know that we have a Savior who addresses not only our sin, but also our pain with His LOVE.